George Mardelli’s Hartke PR Portfolio

Lutkins group page 2

This is an invitation/postcard designed for a local realty group. The cover displays a unique layout showing various activities for retirees and a clear typographical layout.

JUNEKEITHpostcar v1.2 BACK-01
JUNEKEITHpostcar v1.2 FRONT-01

This is a mailer postcard created for Keith Hartke of National Realty. It displays an organized and effective editorial design with a rustic feel.


This logo was created for a wedding band comprised of lawyers and doctors. It showcases a musically inclined rendition of Lady Justice.


This is the fuller body version of Lady Justice that was featured in a section of the band’s website

BEACH PARTY BANNERpurpleplane-01

This banner was an original illustration created for the Awesome Beach Vacations website and was displayed at a “Caribbean Beach” party.

Milk STATE LINE v1.4-01
REAL Milk vs. Junk-01

These are two graphic memes created using Adobe Illustrator in support of raw milk, and they colorfully illustrate the absurdity of the laws surrounding raw milk.

Keith christmas front-new final-01
Keith christmas back-final-01

This is a Christmas mailer postcard created for Keith Hartke of National Realty. Different photographic elements were grouped and arranged to create a rustic cabin feel in the winter time.