Liz Reitzig

Liz owns and runs a local food buying club focusing on nutrient dense food produced in a holistic way. She is the Political Director for the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, a national nonprofit focusing on food and farming rights.


  • How to grow your own food from the ground up – starting and maintaining a garden
  • The importance of nourishing soil for healthy foods
  • How to find and connect with local farms
  • Urban agriculture
  • The politics of food – how politics shapes our food choices and how our choices shape the politics
  • Growing your own food community – working with what you have to grow more
  • What is a CSA? A buying club? A food hub? Understanding the terms about local foods, what they mean and how to navigate for what you need
  • What are GMOs and how to avoid them
  • For restaurants and chefs: how to transition your restaurant to a local foods restaurant. Connecting with local food sources, how to know if they are what they say they are and how to market to  your guests



Liz GardeningLiz Reitzig owns and operates Grassfed On The Hill, a local foods buying club that serves the greater Washington DC metro area. The buying club was started in 2007 to serve Washingtonians with GMO-free meats and dairy from a local farm. Since 2011, Liz has served as the political director and spokesperson for the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, a nonprofit dedicated to representing small farmers’ needs in Congress and state capitals around the country. In her role as political director and spokesperson, she has testified on multiple occasions at state capitals. She appears on TV, radio and print to discuss the legal and political issues facing small farmers. Liz has championed legislation on the state and federal levels in favor of small farmers. Her efforts have led to the introduction of legislation to help small farmers and policy change on GMO labeling.

liz-2In 2013, Liz launched her website,, to chronicle news and events in the food freedom movement and to cover examples of farmers who are blazing new trails.

Her work and writings have landed her on Wall Street Journal, Fox News, RT America, local news stations and many nationally syndicated radio shows as well as print coverage in publications such as the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Washington Times, and Wall Street Journal.