Susan Trivers

Susan Trivers is a business consultant that helps clients increase their revenue.

Author of “How to be Interesting: Captivate and Fascinate Others and Enjoy Your Own Life More.”


Popular topics for CEOs, Owners, Executives and Professional services

  • How not to succeed in business even though you’re really  trying – 5 mistakes that cause under performance
  • How to move right and up on the growth and opportunity curve – what you sell and to whom
  • How a cycle of positivity drives your revenue – the accelerating power of proactive customer communication
  • Accelerating, cornering, handling and braking: the 4 keys to high performance revenue driving

Susan Trivers has helped 500 companies over 16 years earn billions of dollars in new revenue. She understand what it takes to accelerate growth – not limp along at 5, 6 or 7% – but grow rapidly by 15-20%. Her own boutique consultancy has been in continuous operation since 1999.


Business revenue consultant, Susan Trivers, counsels CEOs, business owners and executives on what it takes to accelerate the growth of their enterprise. She works with active, growth-minded businesses ($1-20 million) with the goal of driving revenue growth up as much as 30%. Doing business as The Revenue Driver, Triver’s unique consultancy is responsible for helping 500 companies over the last 16 years grow their revenue. Collectively, these businesses earned billions of dollars in new revenue because of Triver’s special talent. Susan is a past president of the National Speakers Association, Washington DC chapter and is the author of How to Be Interesting—Captivate and Fascinate Others and Enjoy Your Own Life More. She is active in various community organizations and a frequent blogger on a variety of topics related to success, growth and electric communication.


What People Are Saying…
“Susan Trivers is a genius. She suggested one simple fix to my business strategy that, in less than 24 hours, completely transformed my income stream. If you’d rather say “ka-ching!” than “oh…no!” when you look at your bottom line, give Susan a call.” – Diane MacEachern, Founder & CEO, Big Green Purse

I worked with Susan Trivers to create video messages to our clients and prospective clients. Susan helped me maximize the advantages provided by video: letting people see and hear me, the person they’re going to entrust with their lab dollars and reputation. I could never have created 13 terrific videos without Susan’s help from content to recording studio to publication of our own YouTube Channel.” – Kathy Murphy, PhD, CEO, Chi Solutions, Inc.


“Susan Trivers has the eye for making business sense. Susan zeros in on the simplistic approach to getting the essence of your message. When it comes to critical thinking she can see the issues no one else sees – and she is right! Her imagination and different way of looking at the issues is uncanny. Susan has made a difference to my business by taking the complex and turning it to simple solutions.” – Marsha Lindquist, CF APMP, NCMA Fellow Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc.

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